DiffMate Shopify App

A Shopify app for store owners, developers, and agencies so you know exactly what's happending in your themes before publishing.


Choose two of your themes to analyze

View all your themes so you can select which themes to compare.

You can even see the themes being working on by developers that were created with the Shopify CLI. You can't see those in the Shopify admin!

Two columns of your themes so you can choose which ones to compare

View which files have been changed

With the asset compare list you get a quick overview of all the files in both themes to see what's changed.

You can view all assets, see only changed, or view any missing assets from a theme.

Now you can make sure you are only deploying the changes you expect. No more last minute template changes modified in production and missed!

The asset differences between the two themes

Copy changes between themes

Using our diff editor you can see the exact changes and easily navigate between them.

Take changes from one theme and copy them to another.

Missing a file? Copy from one theme to the other with just a click.

The diff editor comparing a Shopify liquid file